Saturday, 27 October 2012


Another sewing first for me - a frankenpattern!  I've worn my burda tunic dress to death over the last 6 months, and as it's a cheap doubleknit, it was pilled badly around the hips.  So, I did what any enterprising sewer with leftover fabric would do, and I cut off the bottom, took in the sides and sewed on a new skirt that I traced from a dress that fits well.  Without further ado here's the original:
 And here's the new version.  The belt is too big, but it looks better with a belt, so here I'm pinching two inches out of the back of the belt.
 I bought these shoes when I was back in the States in June, I hadn't had an opportunity to wear them, but this is the perfect dress to wear them with.  They have teal, blue and purple, so are too busy to wear with anything patterned, but I don't have much that coordinates (which begs the question - why did I buy them?)

And the obligatory side view.  Not much to note about the pattern, it doens't hang perfectly, but it's better than anything I can buy in the store (being 5'11" and a long torso it's near impossible to buy a dress off the rack)

Overall it was an hour on a Friday night well spent.  I have been sewing other things, but they're all pretty boring.  Now that the weather's warming up I have a few summer dresses creeping to the top of my queue.

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  1. Gorgeous save! The shoes- sometimes you have to buy shoes as art and love them!