Saturday, 19 November 2011

Dress Fail

Huge fail. Completely unredeemable. I'm really disappointed, this is the first item that I am unwilling to wear (I have pretty low standards) It's the Stylearc Slip-on Suzie dress,

Link[Pattern image from Stylearc website]

In all fairness I don't think it's a pattern failure, I think it's a beginner-sewer failure. The dress is way too loose through the bust, and a little tight through the hips. It has 1/4inch SA, so there's no room to fix it. The top gapes horribly, and for some reason the sleeves were smaller than the opening, so I had to stretch them a little to fit, and now they stick out straight. I think it was a bad choice of pattern for me, and I should have been more careful in the measurements. I like the fabric, so I'm going to take it to sewing class on Tuesday, and see if I can make a skirt out of it (with Spanx it works). Major disappointment, and I'm back in my old faithful, easy vogue fake wrap dress.
On the plus side the whole family is wearing homemade today. my DH's in his Colette Negroni, my son's in his moustache T (variation of the '90 minute shirt') and giraffe-lined flat front pants (Both from MADE),

and I'm in my dress. very proud sewing day for me :)


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that - I've had my fair share of sewing failures, it's not fun. Unfortunately I haven't got much experience with stretch fabrics so I'm not sure what to suggest as a fix, but I'm sure someone in your sewing class will be able to help. Alternatively, if you wanted to do over, why not try a wrap dress pattern which you tie instead of pulling on? something like this could be handy!

    Also. BEST. T-SHIRT. EVER.

  2. That hope wrap dress looks really cute, thanks! Although then I'd have to make a slip as I live in fear of real wrap dresses (I'm not very graceful)