Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My Sewing Table - November 2011

Just a quick post to keep me honest, this is what I've got coming up:

For me:
Amazing Fit dress - my first lined dress and my first invisible zipper, Simplicity 2024

Retro Butterick dress with vintage fabric - Fabric is only 36" wide, hopefully I can scratch out enough for this pattern

A couple more knit tees from my favorite vintage butterick pattern

For the LO:
Series of ottobre tanks with stenciled animals (he loves animals these days)
A few pairs of short pants for summer (just below the knee)
Awesome T-shirt jacket from i am momma hear me roar

I'm hoping to get the Amazing Fit dress done tonight in class.
Sorry for the crap pics, I took my camera to work with me today, to upload pics I had taken this morning, but no SD card slot, and then forgot the camera at work, so this is my laptop cam. I just wanted to get this post up before heading up. At least there's room for improvement :)


  1. Hi Jenn! I saw that you're my blog's 3rd follower (wow and thank you!) and hopped on here to check out yours. :) I'm so impressed by your projects, and most especially the pictures (picture board? i don't know what you call them) like in your previous post for the Amazing Fit dress and the Sweet Spring Jacket picture that you made for your LO. How do you do them? They look so professional.

    Thanks, Far :)

  2. Hi Far,
    I loved your leopard tote bag refashion, I have zero vision for refashions, so your blog is very inspiring.
    Those picture boards weren't mine :( Sorry, beginner blogger error, I'm a teacher so should know better. I went back and fixed the citations, and for the t-shirt tutorial, you should check out Dana's blog (dana-made-it.com) she has a bunch of amazing tutorials.