Sunday, 24 June 2012

My Fabricmart Haul

I'm travelling around the states for a bit, so I couldn't pass up an opportunity to try out fabric mart.  I (over) ordered 22 yards of fabric, so I think I'm going to have to throw out all my clothes in order to fit the fabric in my suitcase.  Anyway, I'm writing this post to keep myself honest, as my stash is growing exponentially I need to start making sewing plans.  So without further ado:
This Marc Jacobs fabric was used in cute 60's style sheath dress and pleated skirts (one worn by Rachel on Glee).  I plan on making a sheath dress out of it using a 60's pattern I have.
 This J. Crew suiting is a bit stretchy, and medium weight, so I'm going to use it for McCalls 5927, which doesn't have too many pieces so the matching shouldn't be too bad . . .  worse case scenario I wear it with a belt or add piping at the waist to hide poor matching
This crepe lookalike is pretty stubby, but looks pretty nice.  I'm planning on making an informal blazer, maybe following Gertie's class, but I'd rather do a boyfriend-type blazer.

 This one is brighter than I expected, I'm going to make a skirt using Simplicity 3688.  I bought the pattern to make the pants, but I think this fabric is too loud, so I'll keep looking
 I have no idea what to do with this ponte.  It doesn't have great recovery and isn't particularly soft.  Maybe a blazer at some point . . .  maybe a jacket/hooded sweatshirt for my son

 This is a great silk/cotton blend.  I really want to make a 'couture' version of Vogue 1251.  For some reason I love this dress, and I've got the silk organza and china silk for the underlining and lining.  I don't know if I have enough though, I'll make a muslin first and see if I can eke out the dress. 
 This is a Marc Jacobs cotton.  I'll make some sort of a top out of it.  I'm not really sure, it's too traditional a look to make a classic button up.  Maybe I'll make the burda sleeveless blouse again . . .
This is a great brown ponte knit.  I'm hoping I can eke leggings and a simple sheath out of this.  I made a ponte sheath in purple that I love to wear because it's so comfortable. 

I also ordered tracing paper from Richard the Thread.  I've been muslining almost everything I make these days, and have been making 'permanent' patterns by tracing the stitching lines on my muslin before cutting, then tracing the lines with any adjustments onto my fashion fabric.  I am terrible at cutting out fabric using the pattern tissue, so this allows me to not worry about accuracy in cutting.

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