Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Plans: 6PAC and Macaron

I have been sewing, well I've been planning, cutting, thread tracing, and fitting.  I've decided to jumpstart my sewing by committing to not one, but two sewalongs (of sorts). 

I'm waiting on Sew Colette 2.0, which starts in August.  I've cut out and thread traced my muslin, I'll start to fit it in August when the sewalong starts. 

I've also decided to participate in Artisan Square's 6PAC, a 6 piece wardrobe of neutral basics for Spring.  I desperately need more work clothes, so this should give me the beginning of a foundation.  These are the first four items, I still have to decide on the last two:
I haven't bought the fabric for item 1 or decided on a pattern for item 2, but I've already fitted the muslin for item 3, it's the one that'll be the most work.

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