Saturday, 12 September 2015

Black Tie Jumpsuit - Burdastyle 06/2015

I'm back!  I was rowing for the past year, and was too busy for sewing.  Rowing is over now, so I'm finally back to sewing.  I made this jumpsuit for my rowing club's black tie ball.  (well, it was originally black tie, but was downgraded to cocktail attire due to complaints (and much to my husband's relief).

Pic from the rowing ball (most of the pics didn't turn out well, this is the best I've got)

The crossover is in the center, the buttons are off.  I had picked up gold buttons, but couldn't find them the afternoon of the ball when I was finally sewing the buttons on.

Sorry for the wrinkles!  I gave it a quick iron, but it's been sitting on my ironing board for months now, and I finally needed it to move on.

 Excuse the expression, I was going to crop my head out, but yeah.  Early on a Saturday morning.

I love jumpsuits, and this was my second of many to come.  I think I will live in them for the summer.  I used Burdastyle Evening Jumpsuit 06/2015 #119C as my base pattern.  The halter pieces had way too much fabric, you can see this problem on the photo on their website).
Here are the changes I made:

I cut the fabric on the two halter pieces down by half (probably a bit too much) as it was an evening function.  It's not an outfit I'd be comfortable in during the day :) .  I also changed the tie to buttons for a more formal look.  I made little button loops out of the main fabric.

I also added ties, attached at both sides and wrapping around to the front they are long enough to wrap around to the back for a more practical look..

I put pockets in the sides, and moved the zipper to the centre back, because I didn't want to deal with putting in a side zipper with pockets and ties.

I underlined the waist pieces, on the cross-grain to add some stability.  I lined the halter pieces, and had planned on lining the waist as well, but ran out of time.

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