Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Lining my Macaron

Quick post on how I lined the bodice for my Macaron.  I was originally going to line the whole dress, but I think I'll wear this most in the Spring/Fall, and I find lined skirts kind of hot and sticky.
 I decided to keep the facing, because I had put piping at the neckline, and I was worried that the bulk of the piping would cause problems without a facing.  I used the Threads article 'A shortcut to great linings' to combine the facing with the lining.   The colour at the lower edge of the facing is my serger thread.
As I said the the last post I combined the four bodice pieces into two (front and back), to limit bulk.  I think there might be a small dart (I didn't check the original pattern pieces) but it was no longer there after my alterations.  If there is one, it should be fairly simple to incorporate it into the bodice dart.
I sewed the front bodice to the back at the side seams and shoulder seams (except where the zipper is) and then fell-stitched the lining to the dress.  I used red thread for the hand stitching so I could see clearly what I was doing, and because I'm trying to improve my hand-sewing

Here's the back.  I would have had to use side darts for the upper bodice part, when I combined the two pieces, but I took out all the excess fabric, and it was pretty much straight.

After I attached the bodice pieces I attached the midriff band.  I sewed the side seam first, then hand-stitched it to the dress.  You can see the fell stitches pretty clearly, at this point I was rushing to get the dress done.

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